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Reportáž z utkání VL VŠE – FIS vs. NF – ženy

Volejbalová liga VŠE19. 10. 2016 - Hello to everybody, I have been training volleyball for two days with the VSE team but originally I am from Barcelona where I play volleyball and I am coach of another team too. Indeed, I am an exchange student who is going to stay here for one semester. So, when I arrived in Prague I started looking for a place to play volleyball, my passion. And I found a place in the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

The last match we play against the Faculty of National Economy. I did not know most of the girls in my team but we all asked for the ball every time and had no problems with that.

In the first set, we did a great job, we were constant and concentrated so the first set was for ours. In the second set, I think we all felt more relaxed and let the other team play with more
comfort. So the end of the second set was a bit crazy, but we finally won it. It was a very tight set. The third set it was like the first one. We were concentrated again, no errors and a big win. The game ended up 3-0 for our team! I am really happy with the result and with the game we played. I hope we will do the same in the other matches. It was a pleasure to play with these girls.

Laura, FIS, Exchange student from Barcelona